August 12, 2011

fab friday: icecream sandwhich

When I think of my childhood I think of ice cream sandwiches.  A friend and I used to roller blade to a local fruit stand (I grew up in Miami) to buy these amazing fresh ice cream sandwiches.  I know that sounds strange from a fruit stand, but this stand was more of a market and did not just sell fruit. They sold SWEETS UPON SWEETS mixed in with fruit!  I wish I could rewind about 15 years and roller blade back there in my 13 year old size and gobble up that ice cream sandwich.

Make them at home and maybe try a mini size if your trying to be healthy and good :)

How to:

Bake your favourite cookie flavour, cut into shapes if you chose to and add your favourite ice cream in the middle!  Garnish with toppings of your choice!

Tip: try baking smaller size cookies so you can make mini sandwiches!

You can also try using mini macaroons as the cookie!

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