September 07, 2011

pop pop

Who doesn't love popcorn?  It is synonymous with cinema, carnivals and goes deep into our history. Popcorn does not have to be just your plain cinema style corn, nowadays it can be far more lively.  Places like Kernals makes this traditional popcorn far from traditional.  With flavours like cheddar, caramel, ketchup  and sour cream we can eat an entire bag all to ourselves!!

When we were away on our honeymoon in Hawaii there was this awesome restaurant that served us spiced popcorn as opposed to your traditional bread basket.  Try one of these next time you have guests over or maybe next time some friends come to watch a movie.

Flavours. . .

Spicy Popcorn
-use any of the flavours below..they can be sprinkled on their own or mixed into some melted butter..mmmmmm

Garlic salt
Seasoned salt blend
Onion salt
Barbecue seasoning
Grated Parmesan cheese
Hickory smoked salt
Bacon-flavored bits or crumbled crisp bacon

Chile Lime Tequila Popcorn
recipe here

Cappuccino Popcorn

Cinnamon Honey Bun Popcorn
recipe here

Pour the popcorn into something different...try some of the ideas below!

Popcorn container
Available at Michael's Craft Stores

Take out container
Available at Michael's Craft Stores

Try adding food colouring to butter and mixing into the popcorn


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