November 08, 2011

oreo pops delish?? I remember dipping my Ore's into milk as a child- but if these had been around this would have taken the cake. . I mean Oreo!


  • 1 package of Double Stuff Oreo Cookies (they must be double-stuff or they won't work)

  • 1 package of melting chocolate (these are sold in bags & they look like giant chocolate chips)

  • 1 package of sucker sticks

  • 1 package of small cellophane bags (optional- perfect for give-a-ways)

  • Candy/Decorations for outside of the pops. Any candy works- crushed peppermint sticks, coconut, toffee, candy bits, etc

  • how to:

    -Place one sucker stick directly through the center of the Oreo (through the white filling in the middle) and stop just before it comes out the other end. You may need to gently press the cookie together after the stick has gone through. Continue this step for as many Oreo pops as you want to make.

    -Place the Oreo pops onto a cookie sheet that has been lined with wax paper. Place in the refrigerator to cool for 15-20 minutes. By cooling the cookies, it aids in helping the chocolate stick to the cookies easier.

    -Meanwhile, melt the chocolate according to package directions. Place the chocolate in a glass liquid measuring cup or other tall container (it makes it easier for dipping

    - Remove the Oreo's from the refrigerator and dip each Oreo into the chocolate, just covering the Oreo. You may need to use a spoon to make sure it is evenly covered, shaking off the excess chocolate into the container. Place back onto the wax paper to dry. 

    - Have your decorations close at hand because it only takes about 30 seconds before the chocolate starts to dry. I would suggest dipping 2-3 cookies, adding the decorations and then continuing to dip the remaining cookies. 

    - Once all the cookies have been dipped & have their decorations, place back into the refrigerator to cool (make sure the dipped cookies are on the wax paper). They only need to cool for about 10 minutes before they can be wrapped in their cellophane bags and tied with ribbon.

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