May 15, 2012

day # 1: watermelon love

For the next 4 days I will begin my "summer fruit challenge".  I chose 4 great fruits that are versatile and delicious for summer bbq's- or even to just try something different for your next meal.

Day 1 is all about watermelon. . .

I love watermelon especially in the summer.  With warm weather upon us-and patio/backyard season in full gear, why not share a few of my fav watermelon recipes? 

watermelon punch recipe a'la Martha Stewart

watermelon skewer recipe a'la tasteofpace

watermelon salsa recipe a'la happyfoody

watermelon caprese salad recipe a'la addictedtoveggies

watermelon margarita recipe a'la bfeedme

how beautiful is watermelon?

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

photography photos via pinterest

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