July 17, 2012

beaver tails

My husband and I just returned home from a wedding in Banff Alberta, which was so breathtaking and fun. While there we could not help but stop at a spot in the town called "Beaver Tails". 

Although I must say I do not love the name of them.. they are however a fried delishes-ness, drool-worthy snack or dessert.

what is a beaver tail: " fried dough pastries, individually hand stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail and dipped or topped with your choice of condiments" (wiki)

the menu option in Banff

the topping station in Banff

the cinnamon and sugar tail I shared with my husband

how to make your own!!

some more beauties...

all photos from google
(except my own instagram photo)

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  1. As soon as i saw this post I immediately thought back to a recent trip to Ottawa. I associate that with the Canadian treat and love them, minus all the toppings. Couldn't help but laugh out loud at your comment about the name though, as we all feel the EXACT same way.

    Excited to try the recipe!