July 15, 2011

closet envy?

I guess I will start off the weekend with a little vision of a dream. . .Women's fascination with shoes, bags, clothing and accessories is not surprising to anyone nor is it new. What better way to showcase all that we have collected over the years than in a custom closet? There is just something magical about a large organized closet. Have a peek inside some of these amazing closets!

Celebrities Dream Closets


Kimora Lee Simmons closet

Lisa Vanderpump from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills..
Have a look at her full closet below. . .
Lisa V.

miscellaneous closet

miscellaneous closet

Champ d'or closet featured on a tv show..IT'S 2 STORIES!!!
see more at: Chanel modeled closet

Paris Hilton's closet

Mary MacDonald's closet
One of my favourite decorators and as well featured on Million Dollar Decorator's

Rachel Zoe accessories closet
Drool worthy??

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  1. The first closet is Mariah Carey's closet not Kimora Lee Simmons.