July 14, 2011

good enough to eat

What girl does not love a good designer bag?  I used to work at Holt Renfrew and learned to understand women who crave designer bags. Some women save up slowly all year to treat themselves to one new bag that they treasure like gold and others are fortunate enough to buy a few new ones a season.  Whomever it is and however it's achieved...the result is the same...pure satisfaction. There is nothing more enjoyable than a new Balenciaga bag.  They are fun, colourful and pure joy- yet still classic.  Have a look at some of the colours and styles they come in!

Arena Giant Covered Pompom in Pommier green

Arena Giant Envelope Clutch in Cyclamen Pink

Baby Daim Classic City in suede Caramel

Arena Classic Money Wallet in Coquelicot Red

Arena Giant City in Blue Paon

Don't think you will be able to save up for one selling retail.. try a consignment store.  My good friend Meytal owns a great one on Avenue road (Toronto) called Labels or Love.  She gets new and used Balenciaga bags ALL THE TIME!  Looking for something other than Balenciaga...well she has it all!

Retailers of Balenciaga:
Holt Renfrew Canada

Saks Fifth Avenue
Neiman Marcus
Balenciaga boutiques worldwide

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