February 26, 2013

what's in your bag?

For a few days this week I will be featuring some ladies who love FASHION and what they carry in their bags! When I asked who wanted to be included, I got quite a few emails, so thank you to everyone who has sent me pics and showed interest. 

Us ladies love our handbags, and seem to carry a world in our purses!!!

 to kick this off, below is my handbag and inerds!

I love this Celine Phantom because I can fit an entire closet in here if I needed to. In it everyday must be my iPad Mini, blackberry z10 and chapstick. I have a severe chapstick addiction!

This is Monica Awe-Etuk from the blog awedbymonica who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Above is what she carries in her stunning Celine Boston bag. She says she can not live without her Louis Vuitton organizer and coin purse.
Mrs. Mon with her Celine!

This gorgeous Balenciaga Velo belongs to Ellen Goldenberg from Burlington, Ontario.
Ellen says she can not live without her iPhone and her Moleskin notebook- as she is always writing everything down.

more "what's in my bag" tomorrow....
stay tuned!


all photos belong to nonJaded

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